Why Millennial’s are leaving the workforce jobs!

Millennials in the Workplace - Flirt Communications

The million-dollar question that has plagued my mind is why are millennial’s leaving the workforce. Last year I read an article in Forbes magazine that highlighted the 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey that found Millennials are “disillusioned with traditional institutions, skeptical of business’ motives and pessimistic about economic and social progress. I’ll break it down for you; millennials are not feeling the same job for the past five years compared to generations before. Millennials are now living life in their younger days instead of waiting until retirement age to enjoy life. As a millennial, I was taught by older generations to start working at a young age and continue to bring something to the table. As I got older, the narrative was to go to college or the military to get a degree and find a good job. You know the spill parents and colleges told young millennials, “After college, you will have a chance to get a good-paying job! Welp guess what happened in the years 2007-2009, an economic recession hit hard. Yup, you thought right, it at the height of college students anxiety of graduating there was no sustainable jobs. Many jobs asked for experience in the field, and a competitive market of other job seekers seeking opportunities made it harder to obtain a position. The recession in 2007 not only hit college students but also created a financial crisis in which people lost their housing, jobs, cars, etc. The unemployment rates went up to an all-time high up until the 2020 COVID-19 unemployment rate surpassed the old rates. Many people struggled for years after the recession to get back on their feet to maintain stability. 

Laid-off workers filed for unemployment benefits due to being released from a longterm employer. As millennials looked at how the government and others handled the situation in 2007, it opened many people’s eyes. Once I got a workforce position and worked a few years, I found myself unemployed due to layoffs at a non-profit. Non-profits lose funding due to federal cuts that trickled down to the states, affecting the local level of non-profits. Surviving on unemployment and moving back with their parent some ways millennials made it. 

According to Forbes, millennials say their unhappy with traditional social institutions, mass media, and the lack of social progress. That’s not all. They’re also down on their jobs, government, business leaders, social media, and the use of their personal data. Millennials are also reluctant to trust leaders, particularly those who run companies that are not aligned with Millennials’ values or political views (2019).

Overtime, millennials’ values and perspectives life changed when it came to the their employers. As a millennial, I will outline some of the things that I consider within a job.

Here we go:

  1. Millennials want a voice to be heard. Within organizations, you will listen to we value our younger employees’ opinions, but nothing is accomplished with the suggestions made.
  2. Millennials want diversity in the workplace in leadership positions and workspaces.
  3. Millennials want to be respected as an equal. Many organizations have older employees who have been with the company for years and often talk down to younger employees as they are kids.
  4. Millennials want to use technology in the workplace. The pandemic showed that jobs that were said not to be remote became remote within a matter of months.
  5. Millennials want to contribute with new initiatives to be efficient and not repetitive, tedious work.  
  6. Millennials want to support, feedback mentoring, and feel appreciated and apart if the team in the workplace.
  7. Millennials pay attention to workplace culture and don’t like a hostile workplace.
  8. Millennials look to move up in position within the first two years of employment.
  9. Millennials value an excellent compensation package (vacation days, bonuses, teleworking, incentives, causal dress day, shorter workweeks) to support work-life balance.
  10. Millennials want to sufficient training but also have interactive fun pieces of training.

Theses are only my thoughts, feel free to add some of your ideas in comments. 

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