The One

The One

The One who loves me like no other.

The One who encourages me when I’m down.

The One who put trust in with all my heart.

The One who prays for me when I don’t even know it.

The One who sheds light in darkness.

The One who gives me strength when I am weak.

The One who calls me out of my mess.

The One who makes a way out of no way.

The One who confronts when it’s hard.

The One who laughs with crying tears of joy.

The One who has my back.

The one who is a father to the fatherless.

The One who shows beauty like a peacock spreading its wings.

The One who sheds light the path that I walk.

The One who listens without questioning.

The One who is the beginning and the end.

The One who provides shelter and a safe space.

The One who creates and watch the creation grow.

The One who knows me like no one else.

The One who sees my every move.

The One deserving all the glory and honor.

The One is my God.

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