Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane.

The past few months have taught me a few things on my commute to and from work. I wake up each morning during the weekdays around 4 am. I hit the road knowing my destination but not knowing what is it going to take to get there. I often will turn on music or an audiobook to listen to as I take my journey. At times I have taken my journey in the quietness of cars passing on my left and right side. The drive starts out with a good flow of traffic then starts to slow down to the pace of a snail. The highways can be a very dangerous place to be with cars going 60 to 70 mph when coming to complete stop in a matter of seconds. Brake lights flash bright red, rubber tires screeching and crashing sounds of steel, aluminum, and glass hitting each other. It can be a terrible experience if you have ever been in an accident or a close call to getting in an accident. Over the last couple of months of seen my share of accidents, cars have broken down, and people stranded in the middle of a congested freeway. I’m going to take a second to break down how dealing with traffic relates to dealing with life.

Face it head-on.

Life can be intimidating and scary at times. You often see those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and continue through life doing the same things over and over. Traffic up in the DMV can be downright intimidating. Life can really throw you things that you weren’t expecting. Get out there and face it like a lion faces the gazelle on a safari. You have to conquer what you want in this life.

Go with the flow.

As I was taught in drivers education, that you must go with the flow of the traffic patterns. There is the time when it may seem like you aren’t going anywhere in life but like a car, in traffic, you are still moving toward your destination. Life may be slow then pick up then slow again but remember you are still moving.

Everyone wants the fast lane.

So many times on the highway drivers are jockeying to drive in the fast lane. The fast lane seems to be going faster when looking at it from the far right lane which is suppose to be the slow lane. You have to realize that those in the fast lane isn’t always the best option for you. Often times the fast lane shuts down due to an accident, a car stalling, etc and everyone has to merge back in the slow lane heading in the same direction.

Learning how to merge

As you come off an exit a car normally has about 1000 feet or so. We all have seen those who wait until the lane is ending to merge into traffic. Merging is a skill that many divers have a hard time doing. You have some drivers who get off of the merge lane early and then you have some drivers keep riding until the end of the merge lane then at the last moment cut in line. In life, you will have to merge into a different environment and you have to take the chance and merge into the traffic. In traffic, if you put on your turn signal it signals to the driver behind you that you need a little help merging over. Learn how to navigate in different environments similar to a chameleons. If you ever seen one, you see how they adapt to their environment to stay out of harms way. Shifting yourself can make something that seems like a obstacle be shifted into a stepping stone.

Know your exit

Along the path of life, there are times where you have been on the same path, same relationships, same job for a number of years. Everything will seem repetitive and you become a different person. One thing about life is that you have options to make changes. If you make a mistake, just get back up. Like Aaliyah say “If at first you don’t succeed
Dust yourself off, and try again

If you miss your exit just take the next one. You may have to circle back on a few things and your time may be extended

Be willing to pull over and help someone else out

When you on your journey always remember those who helped you out along the way. Keep an open eye for those needing help because they are on the same journey as you are.

Keep your focus. We often get mislead and distracted

Don’t get offended by the actions of others. I was cut off by a grey Honda Accord and after the cut off the driver rolled down his window and spit out the window. Now if you ever split out of a moving car window the wind takes the spit and carries it a few more yards. In my eyes, I saw the spit coming towards my window. My energy shifted and I took offense that this person really spits in my face. One thing that gets under my skin is anyone intentionally using their body excretions towards another person. I calmed myself down because too many road rage incidents have gone bad quickly.

Establish boundaries

Make sure to leave enough room between you ave the other person in front of you. Having enough breaking room helps not to cause an accident. Boundaries help to not go off course and stay on the right path. There have been times when I tested the boundaries in my life and after time after time of testing the boundaries serious damage was done.

To be continued.

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