The Bus

Recently I took a bus to one of my many locations. I haven’t ridden on any bus since college when I took the CATS bus in Charlotte. For some reason this time riding the bus was different. As I was standing in line getting ready to load the bus an image flashed in my head. The image was me standing in line in the early 1950s. The image was so clear that I had to shake my head. After I handed my bag to the bus driver I made my way on the bus.

As stood at the top of the walkway I looked down the entire row of seats. Another image quickly flashed in my head when I took steps past the first two rows. I remembered as a kid riding the school bus how all the cool kids rode in the back of the bus and how the kids in the front were made fun of. As I went past the fourth row, I stopped and realized how much I had it made now to actually pick anywhere on the bus to sit.

My ancestors fought for equal rights to sit on a bus and not to be told that they had to stand or sit in the back of the bus. Having to stand on your feet for 8 hours or more in a factory or job then having to stand on a bus to get home is a pain I have never felt. If you ever rode a bus, the hottest place on the bus is not in front of the bus but the back of the bus. The engine of the bus emits heats and a foul smell. Buses have come a long way since the 1950s but one thing remains the engine is still in the back of the bus. I decided to turn around and sit directly behind the driver. The view is so much better. I honor those who lost their lives fighting for equality. I will no longer go deaf ears on the things that happened those years ago in the United States. We are still fighting for equality just in a different way.

Like Spike Lee 1996 film is titled “Get on the Bus”

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