February 13, 2019 Quote of the day

For the average person sitting on the couch, they’re saying, ‘Well, I wouldn’t have gotten in there after being hurt. But you’re not on the field. It’s a completely different feeling when you’re on the field. There are different emotions you have to try to cut through, until you get to the common-sense part. Common sense is, like, way back in your head. Everything else is in the front.

It’s simple, … I’m always striving to do more. Whatever I accomplish, it’s not enough. I don’t get satisfied. That’s not my nature.

There was a purpose to my pain…Those who are going through that right now, there is hope on the other side of this.”

For some people, it might not make a difference, but any time you have a job to do, you want to be the best and succeed at that job. You don’t just chalk it up and say that winning or losing this game does not make a difference. I don’t see us doing that.

Brian Dawkins

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