The Bucket List



A few years ago the movie The Bucket List came out which starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I thought the movie was slow to start but picked up in the end. I liked the movie in which two strangers from totally different backgrounds became good friends in a short amount of time.


Both men meet for the first time in the hospital after both have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and are housed in the same room as roommates. During their time in the hospital, they find common ground. Morgan Freeman character (Carter) begins writing a “bucket list”, or things to do before he dies. After hearing he has less than a year to live, Carter discards the list. The next morning Jack Nicholson character (Edward) find the list and urges Carter to do everything on the list by offering to pay everything for both of them. Carter agrees and they begin their around-the-world vacation. They go skydiving, drive a Shelby Mustang,  fly over the North Pole, eat dinner at Chevre d’or in France, visit and praise the beauty and history of Taj Mahal, India, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid, attend a lion safari in Tanzania, and visit the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal.

This had me thinking about the things that I have already done and what was left on my bucket list to do. So here’s my BUCKET LIST in no particular order.


  1. Dinner in Sky
  2. Hot Air Balloon
  3. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  4. Visit NYC Dream Center
  5. Ride an Elephant
  6. Hug and get a picture with Koala Bear in Australia
  7. Travel to 7 Continents
  8. Witness something Majestic
  9. The Birth of my first child
  10. Sky Jump Las Vegas
  11. Scuba Diving
  12. Whitewater Rafting
  13. Walk on hot coals
  14. Visit Exotic Island
  15. Ski
  16. Mud bath
  17. Act in a play
  18. Attend an Essence music festival
  19. Be an extra in a movie
  20. Travel to all 50 states
  21. Do a Polar Bear Plunge
  22. Live on an island
  23. Rock Climb a mountain
  24. Give a Keynote Speech
  25. Marry My Best Friend
  26. Attend a Retreat
  27. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
  28. Build a Sand Castle with my children
  29. Speed down the German Autobahn
  30. Give this list to my children to complete and add on 30 more things.

One thought on “The Bucket List”

  1. Hello captain. Here is ex-airline worker from Finland. There were some great items on Your list. I picked this one, because I have done it and loved it, “Speed down the German Autobahn”. Check my:

    About me

    It was not so very fast, because we spent two weeks road trip in Germany. My photos show how fast I drove with my family car:

    I also picked this one “Whitewater Rafting”. In Finland we have different:

    Rafting competition standing on log in river

    In the beginning there was some Samba dancers in the middle of nowhere.

    Happy and safe travels!

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