Life Lessons

Written November 2010

No matter how strong you may think you are, Life has a way of putting you in check. Throughout life, we experience different things and emotions. Some would call them trials and tribulations. Sometimes we laugh, we cry, we go through and we have pain, I have learned that whatever life throws my way, I can overcome it. It may not be like an overnight sensation but it can be overcome. For me to be so young, I have had my share of ups and downs. Blow after blow, let down after let down, it has been hard to the point of wanting to quit. I’ve wanted to give up and just surrender to depression, suicide, and even give up everything. Each time I wanted to give up, deep down I remembered how far I have come and keep pushing another day.
Being a man it seems very hard do with the stigma associated with men but to be a black man is even harder to deal with life. Jump over hoops, obstacles, just to get a seat at the table. Being twice as good in the corporate world takes a toll you every day you get on and off the elevator heading up to your workstation.

My sisters, I don’t take anything away from the things you face, you are indeed strong. Men need women just as a women need men in their lives.
I look back and see all that I have accomplished and know that I can do greater. To lead my family is my goal and with life lessons, I hope to inspire the next generation by setting a standard for men in my bloodline. A standard that the next generation is better than my generation. Remember you are stronger than before.

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