Something so beautiful but so dangerous

Have you ever witnessed something so beautiful but knew it was dangerous. Maybe a volcano, a place or even an animal comes to your mind. The most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed in the ocean.
I recently took a trip to Myrtle Beach to spend with the family. I’ve always been the kid to play in the ocean or the pool when I had the chance to. This particular trip reminded me of a family trip that happened when I was either ten or eleven. I remember the moment so vividly. I was down at the Wilmington beach in North Carolina for a fishing trip. The trip was great on the first day when I got a chance to catch a couple of fish and a crab. How do you catch a crab on a fishing line? It still puzzles me. The beach was beautiful and I was so excited to go play at the beach. I got there and it was beautiful. The waves came back and forth upon the shore so smooth. I was living the life with no worries. That all changed when I stepped into the ocean. I started at the edge of the beach and started to advance further down into the water. The water was at my ankles then came up to my waist. Before I knew it the water was up to my chest. I was good because I was able to jump into the waves. I was pumped up because I was further out from the rest of the family. My mother screamed at me to get back to the shore. I was thinking I’m good, it’s just beautiful water. As I was walking back, I didn’t realize the tide was changing. I turned my back to the thing I thought was beautiful. All of a sudden a big wave came and knocked me off-balance. I tried to get my balance back but another wave got me again.

This time I landed on the ocean floor, trying to get to my feet. I felt as if I was getting pulled into the ocean. As soon as I got myself up, another wave hit me right in the face. That was the TKO. My glasses flew off of my face with the waves. I was confused and afraid. This happened within a couple of seconds and I thought I saved my glasses. My vision was really bad so without my glasses, all I saw were blurry figures. I reached out for what I thought was my glasses was nothing but a stick. Blinded confused and afraid I screamed for my mother. I can’t see I can’t see.  I remembered when I got to the shore that my mother was there.  My vision was blurry and all could see were shapes of people.  Remember in the movie Ray, how Ray Charles began to lose his sight and began wiping his eyes. Yeah, that was me all the way.  My sight was cloudy and all of my other senses were heightened. I had to be led by the hand back to the dock where everyone else was sitting and fishing. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to see anything. As I heard to waves in the background and people talking, I started to feel sad. Inside

This incident happened on a Friday afternoon and trip was supposed to end Sunday afternoon. I dreaded the next couple of days.  Something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. My mother took her glasses off and gave them to me to put on my face. Her glasses were the big joints with the big lens and they hardly fit my face.  Every two minutes I kept pushing the glasses up because they kept sliding down my face. I was able to see just a bit to recognize things by squinting at thing close to my face. That experience stayed with me for a few years and I never wanted to visit the beach.
The older I get it seems as if the ocean is my resting place. I still remember what happened when I was younger. I enjoy going to the beach seeing how beautiful it is. In the same breath, I know how dangerous it is.  I have had three different occasions where the ocean almost took me out literally. Yet I still go back to it. This last trip to the ocean was a rewarding one in my book. I went out into the Atlantic ocean afraid of getting in the water past my knees.

As I stepped deeper into the ocean my heart started the fluster. One step after the other, I found myself deeper and deeper. The deeper you go the more dangerous it gets. The waves were really strong and I got to the point where I was the only person in the middle of the ocean. By this time the water was up to my chest as the waves got bigger and bigger. I believe I was in the water for ten minutes but I could have been longer. I felt a feeling of accomplishment because for years I was afraid to face and concur something that took me out years earlier. I stand to respect the ocean for all her beauty but understand how dangerous she can be.

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