What is a Mother?
As Mother’s day passed a few months ago. I realize how special it is to have my mother in my life. I’ve been blessed 34 years to have her in my life.  I have thought long and hard what would be the greatest gift to give my mother. I was thinking of jewelry, perfume, or candy but those things go away quickly over time. I wanted to do something from the heart. This post is dedicated to my mother.
We all have heard the song Dear Mama from 2Pac back in 1995.  A majority of the lyrics struck home with me because of the relationship with my mother. Check out the lyrics in bold.

When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I’d see her face
Ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place
I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell
I finally understand
For a woman, it ain’t easy trying to raise a man
You always was committed.
‘Cause when I was low you was there for me
And never left me alone because you cared for me
And I could see you coming home after work late
You’re in the kitchen trying to fix us a hot plate
Ya just working with the scraps you was given
And mama made miracles every Thanksgiving
But now the road got rough, you’re alone
You’re trying to raise two bad kids on your own

My mother has been the backbone of our family for years and I look back and see how much she sacrificed to make her two boys happy. Not too many people would give up time with their children to work two or three jobs to be able to put food in the refrigerator and on the table. She was able to feed us and have clothing on our backs.  My mom has been a true role model of raising two kids on your own especially two boys. A single mother with little to no help from my father show resilience and character.

I didn’t understand the big black bags of hand me down clothes from my older cousins. I see now how much those clothes came in handy along the years.  I didn’t understand how everything was got done and how we never lacked anything. She’s the only woman who knows me 100%. My temperament, my highs, my lows, and how to motivate me.

Through all the drama, I can always depend on my mama
And when it seems that I’m hopeless
You say the words that can get me back in focus
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated


Every day, Mom you should be proud of the job you did raising your two boys into grown men, I appreciate all you have done for me as your oldest son. I was proud on May 6, 2006, to be the first male in my family to graduate college. College graduation was definitely a miracle by far but having my mother and my support system there was more than I could ask for. I thank God every day for a great mother who is always pushing me not to give up and to do my best. Take a bow for the great job you have done as a mother.



One thought on “Mother”

  1. Oh am touch by this poem. this blew me away. Thank you for taking the time to share these poem through these words.

    These words are painted in truth, experience and perspective. I especially love how you started it and how you ended the poem. Beautifully written and as I read through again on each line I was amazed . Each words you used are true

    This produced a smile on my tired face after a long day. You’re appreciated.

    You are welcome

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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