Good Guys


ScreenshoI use to think this quote was true. Now that I’m older, good guys pretty much finish at their own pace. Let me break it down a little bit more. In society today, most people want the quick, fast and instant. Just like making Ramen noodles. With social media depicting the good life, everybody wants it and subconsciously compares themselves with other.

Good guys have to get to the realization that as long as you finish the race is all that really matters. For some guys, it may take a few months, some a few years, but they are finishing the race.
Main point:

When you start a race, many men have a great burst of speed and energy but eventually, they begin to slow down and SETTLE. If you start at your own pace, then you start to establish endurance along the journey. You gain knowledge along the way about yourself, likes and dislikes, and know what you can handle. At times he may veer off track eventually he will come to his senses and get back in the race.

So Nice Guys eventually get the prize and are satisfied with the journey. If you see yourself as a nice guy, hang in there man. Your journey will show you what you are worth and your value.

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