Pride comes before being destroyed and a proud spirit comes before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 (NLV)

You know this Bible verse is so true. Especially during the Fall of 2016. Normally I play kickball during the summer and fall month for recreational purposes. It gives me an outlet and I end up meeting new people playing the game. This particular year I played in a league downtown Baltimore. When I say this team sucked, it really sucked. We won two games!! I met some great people and made some connections. After the season was over a few of us got together to go paddle boarding in Middle River. You probably thinking what the heck is paddle boarding. Pretty much is canoeing standing up. The day before the event, I YouTube how to paddle board. I canoed before the same concept, I got this mastered. How can someone master something they have never tried or attempted?

Day of the event, I’m hype. I go down my list.

Shades check!

Boardshorts check!

Flip flops check!

Change of clothes check!

Du-Rag check!

I’m so ready I get to the place an hour early. I’m looking out across the water at the boats and other people paddle boarding. I’m thinking this finna be a breeze!

The rest of the group gets there and we go through the safety concerns and directions. I’m half paying attention so it’s like a blur. Everyone received a board, a paddle and we were off. Now pause your probably wondering where the life vest. Well, insert PRIDE here. I was offered a life vest, but because everyone else declined one so did I. I was built up with the pride of knowing how to swim and knowing how to paddle board. I got this nothing to it until the water got deeper and deeper.

In paddle boarding, you can start out on the board in two ways. The first way is to sit on board and the second way is on your knees. Of course, I started out on my knees and I was getting it. So guess what my cocky self-did, I stood up on my board. About ten minutes in I was cruising down the river. Now here comes the fall. While I was cruising down the river small boats were cruising down the river as well. As the boats passed waves were created along the river. A few of those waves came towards my paddle board. As the waves got closer my body braced impact. The first wave hit the board and it rocked me a bit. Immediately a second wave came and took me out. It seemed like slow motion when I hit the water.

The underwater experience:

When you are in a life and death situation, your life flashes before you instantly. I was literally drowning in the middle river. I thought I made progress, but I felt my life was ending. I prayed an emergency prayer to God. God don’t let me die this way. What seemed like forever underwater was just a few seconds. One of the group members came to my rescue with my paddle board. I was exhausted when I finally was about to get back on my board. It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and composer. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, and above all else soaking wet from head to toe. My pride was at an all-time low and I was thankful that I survived. My life changed after that moment because I know I could have died in that moment of pride.

I’ll leave you with this. No matter how much you think you got everything under control, God is still in control. Put your pride down and remain humble or life will humble you.

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